BuyRegional helps government and business to leverage procurement
to drive economic development & recovery.

BuyRegional is about leveraging existing operational procurement to deliver local economic development and job creation.

It's an initiative where Business and Government can get better value from buying they already do, and at the same time give local suppliers a fair go.  That's all we ask.  Because we know that when you give local Australian business a fair go to compete for projects, they often win, and they deliver.

For most government and corporate organisations, a significant amount of their smaller projects and procurements are managed via email when staff "get 3 quotes".  BuyRegional encourages organisations to leverage this spend, and instead of email use world class technology that helps them do discover local suppliers and include them in a competitive process. 

In doing so, it helps drive economic development outcomes, captures powerful data, and helps reduce risk in procurement with transparency, governance and probity.

The BuyRegional initiative, and the technology it is based on, have won numerous awards for procurement innovation, procurement best practice, and economic development.

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Local Suppliers. Simple process.  
Less risk.

Local suppliers get more opportunities and a simpler process.

Buyers get free tools to simplify supplier discovery and RFQ process.

Procurement professionals get greater transparency, governance, and probity in RFQs.  No more emails, and total visibility of procurement managed by staff when working remotely.

​Covid-19 Emergency Cabinets get powerful reporting and analytics dashboards to demonstrate the positive impact you are having.

Powered by award winning procurement technology

See how it works

Simple Secure Technology

Simple Process

Award winning tools simplify the
sourcing, evaluation and selection process. Enterprise grade platform ensures total transparency, governance and probity to reduce risk and drive value.

Local suppliers

Geo-location makes it easy to find and engage local suppliers across a wide range of categories.

Awesome Analytics

Enterprise reporting make it easy to report on local supplier engagement, and provide simple powerful dashboards.

Leverages a proven platform trusted by hundreds of Public and Private organisations across in Australia.  

Powerful data and insights

BuyRegional is about outcomes, and its about data.

It offers powerful reporting and dashboard analytics to help organisations report on performance against local economic development and corporate social responsibility targets.

BuyRegional helps you increase your impact and simplify reporting.

Place-based initiative for enabling practical local economic development

Unlocks your biggest opportunity


Reduce risk.  Maximise impact.


Approximately 40-60% of procurement in most Government organisations is below tender threshold ($1,000-$150,000).  Many corporates are similar.

This is typically decentralised and managed via email using a “3-quotes” process.  This lacks transparency or reporting, presents significant risk, and is a missed opportunity.  


These opportunities are the ones many SME’s really want.  


Decentralised procurement presents a massive opportunity to REDUCE RISK by  increasing transparency governance and probity, whilst also MAXIMISING IMPACT as a driver of local and regional economic development.

Make a positive impact in your local economy & community

Based on a proven technology platform

Powered by

The VendorPanel platform is really easy to use and has won numerous awards for process simplification, innovation and best practice.  Last financial year the Local Supplier Marketplace grew by over 400%.

Deputy Mayor, City of Greater Geraldton, WA.


“Local Councils in Australia spend $20 billion a year on products and services, and we want to make sure that as much of that as possible goes to our local traders. VendorPanel Marketplace will contribute to making that goal a reality.” 

Town of Port Hedland, WA.

—  Name, Title

More than just technology

Good technology can be a powerful enabler, but real change is about people.

The BuyRegional initiative brings together awesome enablement technology with real experience, knowledge, capability and networks to make it work.  This is what we believe organisations and regions need in order to build a positive sustainable solution.  


Ultimately, it's about the outcomes. BuyRegional is a way to share our experience and help organisations leverage procurement to deliver positive social and economic impact.

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